2011/12 HL Day of Champs (Kent Minor Hockey Association)

Print2011/12 HL Day of Champs

NOVICE DIVISION Dodge Caravan Kids

Consolation: Canadiens 5  Penguins 1

Championship: Avalanche 7 Flyers 4

League Awards:  

  • Coach of the year: Tom Peel
    Most sportsmanlike: Zachary McKinlay

  • Most Improved: Hunter Pelkey

  • MVP of the league: Natalie Bray



Consolation: Red Blazers 0  Orange Crush 4

Championship: Green Gators 6 Atomic White 4


League Awards: 

  • Goalie of the year: Cameron Frasier

  • Coach of the year: Jason Bright 

  • Most sportsmanlike: Matthew Bacic

  • Most Improved: Cameron Marson

  • MVP of the league: Jacob Cuthbert



Consolation: Canadiens 5 Maple Leafs 3

Championship: Sharks 4 Penguins 1


League Awards: 

  • Goalie of the year: Brayden Myers    

  • Coach of the year: Scott Lovell 

  • Most sportsmanlike: Hunter Baylis 

  • Most Improved: Dimitri Russell

  • MVP of the league: Dylan Goodburn



Consolation: Boston Pizza Red Devils 7  Sleightholm Insurance 4

Championship: Lafarge 6 Boston Pizza Green Berets 5


League Awards:

  • Goalie of the year: Kyle Coatsworth  

  • Coach of the year: Ryan Shreve   

  • Most sportsmanlike: Jesse Vankesteren

  • Most Improved Minor and Major: Major Tristan Everitt, Minor Evan Wolesy

  • MVP of the league: Kyle Coatsworth 

  • Most dedicated: Bryce Koomans

  • Best defenseman: Charie Echlin

  • Least penalized team: Boston Pizza Black




Consolation: Chatham Chrysler Chargers 5  Chatham Chrysler Rams 2

Championship: Chatham Chrysler Avengers 6 Chatham Chrysler Vipers 5


League Awards: 

  • Goalie of the year: Jeffery Williams 

  • Coach of the year: Dave Burke  

  •  Most sportsmanlike: Caleb Gillard 

  • Most Improved: Michael McFeat

  • MVP of the league: Shelton Richardson

  • Best defense: Hudson Mallett

  • Top scorer: Dylan Bell

  • Most dedicated: Michael Thilbault

  • Gentlemanly player: Ben Davies