2013/14 HL Day of Champs (Kent Minor Hockey Association)

Print2013/14 HL Day of Champs


March 29 - 30,  2014


NOVICE DIVISION Dodge Caravan Kids

Consolation: Bruins 5 Canadiens  1

Championship: Rangers 3 Sharks 1


League Awards:

Coach of the Year Rob Cudmore

Most Sportsmanlike Quinton Glassford-Bailey

Most Improved Jacob Fenn

MVP of the League Kassidy Teare



Consolation: Orange  5 Yellow  3

Championship: Red  3 Blue  2


League Awards:

Goalie of the Year     Jacob Williams

Coach of the Year      Rob Cudmore

Most Sportsmanlike   Cam Pickford

Most Improved          Alex McLellen

MVP of the League    Hanhee Lee 



Consolation: Ford Rangers  2 Ford Fusions 1

Championship: Ford Mustangs 3 Ford Explorers 2


League Awards:

Goalie of the Year Brock Whitson

Coach of the Year      Chuck Legg

Most Sportsmanlike Eric Pettipiece

Most Improved Olivia Hunter

MVP of the League Shawn Glover

Most Dedicated Logan Lovell


BANTAM DIVISION Chatham Chrysler 

Consolation: Chatham Chrysler Penguin Challengers 7 Chatham Chrysler Canadien Avengers 6

Championship: Chatham Chrysler Ranger Vipers  5 Chatham Chrysler Shark Patriots  1


League Awards:

Goalie of the Year Davon Ellis

Coach of the Year Scott Lovell

Most Valuable Player Geonee (Connar Lee)

Most Sportsmanlike Scott Catton                  

Most Improved Minor Izaic Postma                  

Most Improved Major Tyler Cummings                      

MVP of the League Geonee (Connar) Lee                        

Most Dedicated Andrew Thibault

Best Defenseman Jones Kay

Least Penalized Team Penguin Challengers

Regular Season Champ Ranger Vipers




Consolation: Boston Pizza Rangers  9 Boston Pizza Leafs  4

Championship: Boston Pizza Bruins  3 Boston Pizza Canadiens 2


League Awards:

Goalie of the Year Brittany Stevenson

Coach of the Year Mark Stirling

Most Sportsmanlike Scott Poulin

Most Improved Bryan Davis

MVP of the League Ryan Harris

Best Defenseman Austin Seed

Top Scorer Alex Olsen    

Most Dedicated Dillon Gallerno

Gentlemanly Player Josh Paul