2018/19 HL Day of Champs (Kent Minor Hockey Association)

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2018/19 KMHA House League Day of Champs Results

 Novice Championship -  Flyers 6   Leafs 2
 Atom Championship -  Black 5  Blue 2
 Atom Consolation -  Orange 6  Green 0
 Peewee Championship -  Canadiens 5  Sharks 4
 Peewee Consolation -  Bruins 4  Penguins 3
 Bantam Championship -  Penguins 4  Canucks 3
 Bantam Consolation -  Sharks 3  Leafs 1
 MJHL Championship -  Leafs 8  Flyers 5
 MJHL Consolation -  Jets 4  Knights 1

2018-2019 House League Award Winners

Most Valuable Player - Aston Degelas (Flyers)
Most Valuable Defenseman - Ella Bowers (Avalanche)
Most Improved Player - Emerson Machado (Flyers)
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Gray Klonteig (Avalanche)
Goaltender of the Year - Logan Johnston (Leafs)
Coaching Team of the Year - Eren Vanderviere, Mike Broadbent, Eric Vandermeer (Leafs)

Most Valuable Player - Dylan Sawyer
Most Valuable Defenseman - Kole Tewkesbury
Most Improved Player - Trizton Labadie
Most Sportsmanlike Playere - Robert Dehaw
Goaltender of the Year - Cohen Courteaux
Coach of the year – Leighton Bishop

Most Improved Player - Josh Babkirk (Rangers)
Most Valuable Defenseman - Cynthia Morgan (Leafs)
Goaltender of the Year - Kayden Fraser (Penguins)
Most Valuable Player - Jonah Knotek (Bruins)
Most Dedicated Player - Cooper Wright (Sharks)
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Everett Ellis (Canadiens)
Coach of the Year - Joe Ray (Leafs)

Most Sportsmanlike Player - Martina Legere (Sharks)
Most Improved Player
(Minor) Noble Boisseneau (Penguins)
(Major) Rudy Van Damme (Leafs)
Most Valuable Player - Kurt Countryman (Sharks)
Coach of the Year - JJ Davis (Penguins)
Goaltender of the Year - Amber Parent (Leafs)
Most Dedicated Player - Gabe Legue (Leafs)
Most Valuable Defenseman - Karter Koopmans (Penguins)
Regular Season Champ - Sharks (Coach – Greg VanDyke)
Least Penalized Team - Canucks (Coach – Ted Heath)

Midget-Juvenile – BOSTON PIZZA
Most Sportsmanlike Player - Nathan Nauta (Flyers)
Most Improved Player - Gianluca Devito (Knights)
Most Valuable Player - Caleb Havens (Leafs)
Coach of the Year - Martin Steele (Flyers)
Most Dedicated Player - Aiden Bates (Jets)
Goaltender of the Year - Noah Legary (Leafs)
Most Valuable Defenseman - Colin Kloostra (Stars)
Top Scorer - Caleb Havens (Leafs)